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 Everybody Loves Horseshoes!  

Stock #: 60-200: Hard Shell Horseshoe Case:
(available in 3 colors!)

$45.00 plus S & H    
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This case speaks for itself!  There has never been a better lightweight carrying case for horseshoes than this!  It is what every player is looking for in a horseshoe case.  Starting with the outside, there are two pockets, front and back.  The front pocket is a zip pocket and it is large enough to fit a cell phone, keys and other small items like that.  The back pocket is a mesh style slip pocket where you can carry a variety of things including tournament round-robin cards, recent scoresheets and so on.  The adjustable carrying strap has a quick release clasp and can be shortened to function as a carrying handle or lengthened to function as a shoulder strap.  The lid of the case has a quick release clasp and once the clasp is open, the lid just flips up or down with ease... access to the interior couldn't be easier!  The interior of the bag is divided into three sections with two removable and adjustable, stiff interior walls.  Two sections for your horseshoes, fitting two pair easily, each in their own compartment and a third section for other accessories, etc.  There is even another mesh pocket along the backwall for additional storage.  The body of the bag is made from rigid, thermoformed foam sandwiched between two layers of nylon.  It is very water resistant and best of all, this case barely weighs a pound.  Most wood cases weigh at least six pounds and when you're already carrying ten pounds of horseshoes, plus other items, you don't need your case to weigh you down any further... This one doesn't  See below for additional colors.

Top View


Back View


Alternate Color: Black Alternate Color: Blue

I've pitched horseshoes for most of my life and I've tried everything imaginable to carry my shoes... I designed several carrying bags before this one and just was never satisfied with them because they would not stay upright, making it a hassle to put the shoes in or take them out of the bag.  You don't have much time going from court to court in tournament play, so having to fumble with your bag to get shoes in and out is just no good.  This case solves all those problems and many more!  I am so glad to finally have a case like this to offer our customers.  It is the best thing I've ever seen for this and I carry one myself... I grabbed a red one of these the first day we got them and I'll never use another case than this... it is perfect!   You will love it... I guarantee it!

...Bobby White, owner, WD Horseshoe Company