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Deadeye Cast Clydesdale, Stock #13-151
NOTE: We no longer carry this horseshoe.  Click Here to see our newest horseshoe... the "Bullseye" Horseshoe, which is available now and is very similar to Deadeye's Clydesdale.

Dead-eye Cast Clydesdale

Alan Francis Bullseye


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One year warranty
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The Cast Clydesdale, which came out later to meet the need for a wide blade shoe, has all the features of the Regular, but with extra wide blades for improved gripping for turn pitchers.  This is it's best known feature.  It is also wider in the toe area of the shoe, making it a better flip shoe than the regular.  It is commonly used as either a turn or a flip shoe, but mostly a turn shoe.  Walter Ray Williams, Jr. won a couple world titles with this shoe before switching to the drop-forged Deadeye Clydesdale when it came out in the mid 1980's.