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Diamond Super Ringer, Stock #55-022 (was made in China):
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We are sorry to report that this shoe has been discontinued by the manufacturer and we are now out of stock. 

Click here to check out the all new American made Bandit Horseshoe we are replacing it with... you won't be disappointed!

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Price: $25.00 plus S & H
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Prices is for one pair (2 shoes)

2 to 5 pair $22.00 each plus S & H
6 + $20.00 each plus S & H

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The Super Ringer is suitable for occasional use, i.e. yard game at picnics, weekly leagues, etc.  It is a shoe designed for the novice player or occasional player.  We will break open sets and sell just one single pair and pricing below is based on individual pairs (2 shoes).  We are one of the only places that will break a set of this product... This shoe is primarily sold in two pair sets... it is boxed that way... where you get two pair (4 shoes) in the set.  When ordering two pair, you will get four shoes in one box... two silver and two gold... one pair marked with an "A" and the other marked with a "B."  If you want just one pair and you want it to be specifically an "A" or a "B," well there's room at the end of the order process (during the check out) where you can make special requests or comments such as that.