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 Everybody Loves Horseshoes!  

Diamond Horseshoe Company:

Diamond Super Ringer                    Diamond Tournament Shoe

The bad news:     Diamond horseshoes have been discontinued by their manufacturer and are now completely sold out. 

The good news:   We manufacture two very similar shoes to the Diamond products and are now offering them at competitive pricing as close as we could get to that of the Super Ringer and Tournament Shoe.  We're comparable with the Tournament Shoe pricing, but we couldn't really match Super Ringer pricing as it was made in China and ours is American made.  We did our best though!  Our replacement shoes are as follows:

Super Ringer Replacement:  Bandit Horseshoes

Tournament Shoe Replacement:  Cobra Horseshoes

Click on the photos above or the shoe names for more info and pricing on either product
(Both shoes are available in both red and blue)