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 Alan Francis Legacy Horseshoe
Stock #23-100

Note: Actual shoes  will vary slightly in color from the photos below (Shoes are one solid color-- current colors are red & royal blue)



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Three Year Warranty
The toughest shoe we make
Unique, super strong version of our Iron Alloy.. resists burring
Choice of colors, blue or red
Great quantity price breaks starting at just two pair!
Meets NHPA specs for official weight (Approx 2-1/2 lbs per shoe)

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These horseshoes are designed to hold up for commercial and professional use.  We ship them daily to clubs and institutions as well as to individuals who all pitch them regularly for extended sessions, which often amount to hours upon hours of continuous daily use.  If being purchased for occasional use (a few times a summer in the backyard), they could easily last a lifetime!  Click here for more specifics on our quality...

At first glance, the Legacy looks a lot like the Signature Shoe, but without a ringer break... and that's primarily what it is!  With all three of the other Alan Francis horseshoes heavily favoring the turn style of pitching, the idea for the Legacy was to make a version of the Signature Shoe that was even more suitable for flip style pitching... It has all the features of the Signature Shoe, except it has a reverse ringer break, which is much preferred by flip pitchers.  But we didn't stop there!  On top of that, it is made from a greatly strengthened version of our unique iron alloy... this is the toughest stuff we have!  We've been testing it since 1996 with amazing results!  We are so sure of it that we are willing to warrant these shoes for an unprecedented three years! You can't go wrong with this shoe... it throws great for any turn and just as great for the flip and it will hold its shape for years to come... With a life-expectancy twice that of a normal horseshoe, Legacy is by far the best value in our extensive line of pitching horseshoes!

Other Alan Francis horseshoes: All-On, Bullseye & the Signature Shoe

A bit about the man:

Men's championship horseshoe pitching moved into its modern era in 1940, breaking the 80% ringer average barrier for the first time that year.  Since then, it has taken an average of over 83.5% ringers to win the world title.  Alan Francis has won 15 of them!  In nearly a hundred tries, it's a short list of six players who've pitched better than 85% ringers to win the title... the greatest of the greats... Fernando Isais, Ted Allen, Curt Day, Elmer Hohl, Walter Ray Williams Jr. and Alan Francis...  Alan has done this six times!  As of 2009, he's made 22 appearances in the Men's Championship Division at the World Championships and including all the bad days (there haven't been very many), he still has an overall lifetime average over 81% in the championship... In 2009, in Springfield, IL he set the all-time record for highest ringer average in the Men's World Championship Division bettering last year's world record of 89.4% with an astonishing 90.26% ringer average, putting Alan in a class of his own being the first world champion to ever average over 90%!  He's arguably one of the greatest to ever compete in this sport and he pitches this shoe that bares his signature!

 The above picture appeared in an article about Alan in the summer of 2006 on the following website "American"  Click Here for a link to the article about Alan on that site.

For the most astounding 15th time, Alan Francis of Defiance, OH  won the 2009 Men's World Championship in Springlfield, IL... He was undefeated all the way through the finals at 19-0 with a world record performance of 90.26% ringers!  That's 917 ringers out of 1,016 shoes pitched!  With that performance, Alan now tops an elite club of just three men who have pitched over 88% in the world championships, the other two being horseshoe legends Elmer Hohl and Walter Ray Williams Jr... what an accomplishment!  And yes, he pitches his "signature shoe"    ...maybe you should too!

NEW!     Click Here to watch a 17 minute video of Alan Francis talking about, demonstrating and instructing horseshoes... filmed in July of 2008.  The video feed starts right away, without snags and it's absolutely worth taking a bit of your day to see him talk horseshoes and pitch a few ringers!

Click Here for a video Interview and footage of Alan Francis practicing horseshoes at home produced by David Foster of the Columbus Dispatch (summer of '07).

Click Here for the newspaper article entitled "Perfect Pitch" by Matt Tullis of the Columbus Dispatch... it's based on the video from above.

Click Here for a YouTube video of Alan Francis pitching in the 2007 World Championship in Ardmore, Oklahoma

Click Here to watch a nice full-size video of the unprecedented 12-time world champion Alan Francis pitching in the 2005 Greenville Ringer Classic on July 3, 2005, warming up for his record-breaking 11th World Title (approximately 1 1/2 minutes)... There's another video link at the bottom of this page for another look at Alan pitching.

Here's a nice photo of Alan displaying his championship form, pitching his way to winning his 10th men's world title in Pocatello, ID on August 8th, 2004.  This shot really captures his perfectly straight forward pitching style and shows him deeply concentrating on the target, obviously all the way through his delivery.  Notice how his eyes are trained on the stake, not the shoe he just let go of?  This tenth victory tied the all time record holder, the great Ted Allen, who's record had stood since 1959.  Alan has now broken that record, winning two more titles since then... the only question now is how many titles will he win by the time he's finished???   

Click on the picture below to see a series of 15 stop action photos displaying Alan's pitching style and also a one minute video clip of Alan pitching in the 2004 Eastern Nationals in Erie, PA 6/28/04.  We also recently added a 1-1/2 minute full-size video of Alan pitching in the 2005 Greenville Ringer Classic (same as link above):

Alan Francis Legacy Horseshoe Pricing & Product Options

Price: $86.00 plus S & H    
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Above price is for one pair (2 shoes)

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2 pair for $156.00 ($78.00 each)
6 pair for $456.00 ($76.00 each)
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The target weight for an official horseshoe is approx. 2 lbs. 8 oz. (+/- an ounce) and this shoe falls within that range.  Furthermore, each pair is matched weighted so the shoes weigh virtually the same.

You will be able to specify quantity and choose your color options on the next page of the cart.

Note: If you want to order multiple pairs of the same item with different colors and weights on each you will have to enter the items individually into the cart. But don't worry, the appropriate quantity discount will still be applied. 

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