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Snyder E-Z Flip
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Note: Actual shoes  will vary in color from the photos below (Shoes are one solid color-- current colors are blue & red)

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One Year Warranty
Dead Soft Rating
Unique Iron Alloy.. resists burring
Meets NHPA official weight requirements

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These horseshoes are designed to hold up for commercial and professional use.  We ship them daily to clubs and institutions as well as to individuals who all pitch them regularly for extended sessions, which often amount to hours upon hours of continuous daily use.  If being purchased for occasional use (a few times a summer in the backyard), they could easily last a lifetime!  Click here for more specifics on our quality...

(See below for two other models of Snyder Horseshoes)

This is the most advanced flip shoe ever designed.  Why?  Because it's made for the best flip pitcher in the world-- Sue Snyder, Seven time Women's World Champion.  This shoe has it all--  Extremely heavy tips, a narrow but effective ringer breaker and a lower/flatter rear thumb cleat for truly "E-Z " flipping!  Hence its name:  "E-Z Flip"!  Sue's input was instrumental in designing this shoe.  We aren't flip pitchers, so we recruited the best in the world to get help designing a flip shoe that works better than any other... the result was two shoes, this one and the Snyder E-Z Flip II (the same shoe without the ringer break). 

The most unique feature on this shoe is the narrow ringer break.  It is so narrow that it comfortably slips right between your fingers even if you have a small hand... perfect for the center grip of the flip pitcher!

When pitching this shoe, the tips are weighted so heavily, that it should feel like it is pulling out of your hand and beginning its flip before you let it go-- It should practically flip by itself with almost no effort.

This shoe features a squarer shape instead of a curve, allowing for a wider gripping area.  This gives the pitcher more room to adjust their grip, like turn throwers have along the blade of the shoe-- a unique advancement in flip shoe design.  

The edges of each shoe are smooth and nicely rounded, allowing the shoe to "pull" out of your hand with ease.  This also helps reduce fatigue and blistering, which is common when using sharper edged shoes.

Also available without a ringer break in the E-Z Flip II & add another dimension to this with the Flip Grip:

Snyder E-Z Flip II

Snyder Flip-Grip


Sue Snyder of Madisonville, KY narrowly defeated Canada's best, Sylvianne Moisan, in a play-off for the Women's World Championship  in York, PA on July 19, 2008, winning her very impressive 7th world title!  Sue went 19-1, pitching 86.3% for the tournament, losing just the final game of regulation to Moisan to set up the play-off match between the two, which lasted 124 shoes...  Snyder pitched 110 ringers for 88.7% to Moisan's 107 ringers for 86.3%...  It doesn't get much better than that... what a finish!  

And........ Congratulations to Abby Green from Adamsville, Ohio for winning the Girls World Championship in horseshoes on July 12, 2008, in York, Pennsylvania!  Abby was undefeated at 19-0 overall and 5-0 in the finals, averaging 59.89% ringers... absolutely awesome and she did it pitching the Snyder E-Z Flip Horseshoes... add another world champ to the list for the Snyder shoes!

Photo of Sue Snyder pitching her way to her fifth world title August 8th, 2004
...Pitching this shoe!

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