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PRO-FLIP HORSESHOES: Four of these five horseshoes have been pitched for world titles!  The only one that hasn't one is the Flip-Grip and it's still in its rookie year, so who knows, maybe it will get one too!  There has been exponential growth in the popularity of all these shoes since the rise of flip style pitching has engulfed tournament play the last twenty years or so.  All these shoes are designed to give the flip pitcher ultimate balance and stopping power with the front cleats digging in the pit and superb comfort and control with the reversed thumb cleat.  This series of flip shoes finally puts the flip pitcher on equal ground with the turn pitcher.  It's been a long time coming!


Bronco                                                  Cal-Flip

Snyder E-Z Flip

Snyder E-Z Flip II

Snyder Flip-Grip

Details on each model:


The Bronco was introduced in 1998 and quickly became one of our top selling shoes.  It answered the cry for a true flip shoe that would grab a hold of the stake and a pile of ringers and hang on!  Bronco's reversed toe cleat (the signature feature of all true flip shoes) makes it perfect for the flip pitch.  This shoe, with its claw-like cleats and it's circular cut-out hooks holds the stake better than many of its competitors.  It's economy price also makes it a winner in almost every way!


The Cal-Flip was invented and patented by Pete Donoho in the mid 1980's and it was the very first true "flip shoe."  Yep, this is the one that started it all!  You flippers can thank Pete for inventing this whole category of horseshoes!  He was a top player in the western U.S. and wanted a shoe that would land cleats down for his flip pitching and take away that advantage that turn pitchers had over the flippers.  His invention, the Cal-Flip Horseshoe, put all players on even ground, no matter how they pitched their shoe.  It was a revolution in the horseshoe world that totally legitimized the flip style of pitching within the sport.

Snyder E-Z Flip:

The Snyder E-Z Flip is one of the most advanced flip shoes ever made.  Three things stand out about this shoe... It's extremely heavy weighted tips, it's slim but very effective pointed ringer break and its very low thumb cleat.  This is a combination of features that have turned this shoe into one of the most renowned shoes on today's market.  It's pretty hard to top this one!  This is the shoe that seven-time world champ, Sue Snyder currently pitches.  Many other champions pitch it too.  So, that should tell you something!

Snyder E-Z Flip II:

There isn't a lot to say about this shoe that hasn't been said above... Sue also pitched this one to a world championship, but unlike many flip pitchers, she prefers the shoe with the ringer break.  This shoe is identical to the E-Z Flip, except it does not have the pointed ringer break.  Many players loved that new E-Z Flip shoe but just couldn't pitch it due to the ringer break.  So we developed this shoe just for them.  It turns out that it has become more popular than the original, so we're quite glad we gave this one a shot! 

Snyder Flip-Grip:

This shoe has caught fire right out of the gate just like the Alan Francis All-On, which shares the same textured gripping pattern.  This shoe has the famous thumb-centering cleat that made the Stinger horseshoe a great success.  Other than those two striking features, this shoe is identical to the E-Z Flip II in shape and it pitches just like it.  The texture really helps you keep hold of the shoe during delivery and that thumb-centering rear cleat helps you find the middle every time without effort... one less thing to think about sure helps those ringers come easier!