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 Everybody Loves Horseshoes!  

Thoroughbred Horseshoes:

All models are warranted for one to three years, depending on the shoe

All shoes are made from our unique dead soft iron alloy formulation

This metal is resistant to burrs and breakage

Its primary shape is retained for the life of the shoe

Great shoes, great service... that's Thoroughbred!  We are WD Horseshoe Company and we chose the name "Thoroughbred" for our line of horseshoes for a reason... It is the most comprehensive and highest quality line-up of horseshoes on the market.  In every aspect, selection, quality, availability, service... you name it, our products are the best in every way.

Ten of our horseshoe models carry the names of four of the best players in modern times, two men World Champions and two women World Champions... Alan Francis, Brian Simmons, Sue Snyder, and Joan Elmore.  This foursome has combined for a total of 32 world titles have all helped us design the horseshoes they pitch.  Now you can pitch them too! 

The rest of the models of horseshoes we make round out the most complete line-up ever offered to the horseshoe world.  We've got turn shoes, flip shoes, universal shoes good for both ways of pitching... you name it, we've got it!

 Beyond that, we take pride in every aspect of our business.  Our great products and unmatched service speak for themselves.  When you buy a set of Thoroughbred Horseshoes from WD Horseshoe Company, you're getting more than just a few horseshoes to play with...  The White family (The "W" in WD) has been playing and organizing the sport of horseshoe pitching for over five generations and has been selling, making or designing horseshoes for just as long... That's nearly a hundred years of horseshoe experience that backs every item you buy from us.  You can't buy a better horseshoe than a Thoroughbred!  All our models are pictured below and you can click on links to get even more details about every shoe.  Study them over and contact us if you have any questions.  We're always glad to help you narrow it down to the right choice for you.

This is a group of professional pitching shoes specially designed to meet the needs of the serious player who specialize in the "turn" style of pitching.  They are named for the greatest Men's Horseshoe Player of all time, 17 time Men's World Champion, Alan Francis. 

Alan pitches his Signature Shoe, throwing a 3/4 reverse turn, a shoe that works great for all turns and especially well for players who have a tight, wrap-around grip on the shoe.

The Bullseye is a wider bladed shoe similar to the signature shoe in turning ability, but better for players who hold with a looser grip or even a fingertip grip. 

The All-On is a shoe that combines features from three of the most popular turn shoes in history... it has the general shape of the Ted Allen Horseshoe, the heavy weighted tips and sharp points of the Imperial Horseshoe and a unique diamond plate style gripping surface that takes the E-Z Grip Horseshoe concept to a whole new level! 

The Legacy is is a flippable version of the Signature shoe with some very unique features.  It has the body of the ever popular original Glory Horseshoe and the tips of the Signature shoe and is made of a strengthened alloy that allows us to stamp it with a three year warranty... awesome!

Signature Shoe




In 1999, we went to now seven time Women's World Champion, Sue Snyder,  who was pitching our Bronco Horseshoe at the time, and offered to make a custom flip shoe for her.  The result was the Snyder E-Z Flip Horseshoe, which hit the horseshoe world in 2000 and was our first new shoe of the 21st century. 

Sue went on to win a world title with that shoe and in the mean-time, we came out with a second model, the Snyder E-Z Flip II, which is the same shoe without the ringer breaker.  Sue picked up that shoe and won a world title with that one too!  Her favorite is the original and she has won numerous championships with both shoes and these two shoes have since become the favorites among most of the flip pitchers out there. 

We later developed the Snyder Flip-Grip, a take-off of the Snyder II, for those players who wanted to see our new diamond plate gripping surface and thumb positioner all on one flip shoe. 

The Snyder-Watson model is the result of a collaboration with Dan Watson, one of the greatest men flip pitchers of modern times.  This shoe is also a take-off of the E-Z Flip II.  The distinguishing feature on this shoe is that the rear thumb cleat is on the other side of the shoe, making this a throw back design and a favorite of those who prefer to flip with all three cleats down. 

Snyder E-Z Flip

Snyder E-Z Flip II

Snyder Flip-Grip








This line offers you three of the most unique and innovative horseshoes ever made:  the Mustang, Challenger and Stinger.  All three can be thrown equally well with the flip or turn style pitch, making them great for team play.  All three of these shoes feature double sided cleats on the tips, making these the most universal shoes on the market...  These are the only shoes that truly and effectively merge the two worlds of flip and turn pitchers in the sport of horseshoes... finally, we can all get along using these shoes!





Bad to the bone, Renegade offers you the most bang for your buck with high quality shoes at barebones prices!  These shoes are all tournament sanctioned and thanks to high volume production, we're able to offer the Bandit and Cobra models at minimum cost.  Great for any gathering, the Renegade lineup is sure to toughen up even the most sorry game!





At first glance, this might look like a random group of horseshoe models with not much in common between them.  But the one thing they all have in common is innovation and that's what Thoroughbred is all about.  Each of these shoes were cutting edge horseshoes when they were first designed.  The Imperial with its unque at the time ringer break and sharp, hardened tips, the Six Shooter with its extra wide blades and huge hooks, the Big Foot modeled similar to the very unique M & M shoe and the Glory with its center balancing point concept were all very innovative ideas back in their day and we have preserved them all here in this premier series of horseshoes.


Six Shooter

Big Foot