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Horseshoe Pitching Info Area


Here you will find all kinds of information about the sport of horseshoe pitching such as how to play the game, where to play it and much more.  As you will see, it's definitely more than a backyard game.  There are clubs and organizations all over the country that are involved in organized horseshoe pitching.  Some are totally devoted to the sport, such as the National Horseshoe Pitchers' Association and its affiliates.  Others, like American Legions, VFW's, Moose Clubs, Elks Clubs, Eagles Clubs and many taverns, offer it as a form of recreation for their membership or patrons.  It is growing at a tremendous rate at the amateur level  all over the country.  Everyone loves to play horseshoes!

Official Rules of Horseshoe Pitching:
--View the official rules used for sanctioned league and tournament play as published by the National Horseshoe Pitchers' Association.  This is the most current version of the rules.  They can be printed out very easily.

Click here for the Official Rules

Basics of Pitching a Horseshoe:
--Details on the grip, stance and swing can be found here.  

Click here for info on how to pitch

Note: The writer of this information gives a great description of the fundamentals of the game.  However, he is very biased in his opinions in relation to flip and odd-turn pitching techniques.  These feelings are his own and are not consistent with our beliefs that a player should pitch what "feels" the best to themselves.  This article was published many years ago and does not take into account the proven successes of many "freak or off turns" as he calls them.

The 1999 Men's World Champion, Alan Francis (seven times overall), throws a 3/4 reverse turn.  The 1999 Women's World Champion, Sue Snyder, throws a one-flip pitch.  Both of these players have consistently thrown over 85% ringers on the average for many years straight with what the author considers to be "freak or off turns".  There are many other successful players utilizing turns other than the 1 1/4 and 1 3/4. 

Thinking about building a court?
--You need to check out these sites to learn all about building a court:

Click here for details on building a backyard court

Click here for information on a multi-court layout

Specifics on the size of the pit

If you are just setting up a temporary court for a picnic or gathering of some type, remember that the stakes should be 40 feet apart and should lean slightly toward each other  (about three inches in from vertical) so that they are not straight up.  Remember, according to the official rules, women and children can move up to the 30 foot line and pitch from there.

World Champions and all World Records:
--View complete listings of men's, women's, junior and senior world champions and all the world records for things such as consecutive ringers pitched, longest game, most ringers per game and so on. Once you get to this page, on the left drop down menu, click on "Historical" then click on "World Champions & Records"

Click here for Listings of Champions and records

Stats for all sanctioned players in U.S. & Canada:

     Click here for all the stats    

--Free software for running tournaments and leagues is available here.  Also, software that turns your computer or an old computer into an electronic scoreboard that stores info and stats about each game played can be found here.  As new versions of horseshoe pitching related software become available, they will be listed here, check back every once in a while to see what's new!

Horseshoe Master Software
Horseshoe Master Update
Other Software

This area of our site is currently under construction and will be evolving as time goes on.  Please come back often to check out our changes.

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