Steel Horseshoe Stakes

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Steel Horseshoe Stakes

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1" x 30" blunt ended (These stakes are for a permanent court installation to be set in a wood timber or concrete and then buried to allow 15 inches to project above the clay or sand level).
Made from cold rolled steel (sold in pairs)


These stakes work best when mounted in a wood beam (approx. 18 inches long by at least 6 inches high). A piece of railroad tie or a log works great! Drill a 7/8" or 15/16" (preferred) diameter hole at a 12 degree angle from vertical into the center of the wood beam and tap the stake in with a sledge hammer. Make sure it goes several inches into the wood. Bury it with 14" exposed above the ground level, with the angled stakes leaning toward each other-- recheck the angle (it's important) before you fill the pit back in. Stakes should be 40 feet apart. Remember, women, children under 18 years old and men over 70 years old can move as close as 30 feet, according to NHPA rules. Call us or e-mail us if you have any questions.

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