Flip-Grip Horseshoes- Flip Style



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Really, the name pretty much says it all on this one! As you can plainly see, the newly re-designed Flip-Grip Horseshoe by Thoroughbred features a unique dimpled gripping surface on both the top and bottom, greatly improving grip in slippery conditions, which is like all the time in horseshoes, especially when in soft clay courts. Another main feature of the Flip-Grip is it’s thumb-centering rear cleat. Yeah, this feature is seen on several of our other models in different incarnations but never in combination with the gripping surface like on this model. The two features combine to give the flip pitcher the best center grip possible! No worries if you grip off-center, as the gripping surface is still there for you and the edges of the rear cleat are contoured to favor this grip as well. Weighing in at almost exactly 2-1/2 pounds, Thoroughbred Flip-Grip once again proves it’s not really about overall weight but rather weight distribution. Flip-Grip was always famous for having very heavy tips, helping it to flip end over end effortlessly and clearly, we certainly carried that feature over to this new design! Also, its new hook design grabs and holds the stake way better than the old version of this shoe. So, you’re going to keep a lot more ringers on the stake with this one! Compared to the other Thoroughbred Flip Shoes, namely the Bronco and the E-Z Flips, the new Flip-Grip has a thinner, wider feel, which supports a more relaxed and looser grip on the shoe… many players love this! All edges are smooth and rounded allowing for a clean release on every pitch and that also translates to more ringers! Even though it’s designed to be a flip shoe in every way, it also happens to be a fairly decent turn shoe, making it easily shareable in doubles play when changing partners often. We weren’t going for that when we designed it, but, the added versatility sure is a nice bonus! Thoroughbred’s Flip-Grip is by far, the most advanced flip shoe we’ve ever designed. If you’re a flip pitcher, you owe it to yourself to give this shoe a try!