Thoroughbred Horseshoes


Twenty-five years ago, we chose the name “Thoroughbred” for our brand because it so well defines our endeavor to design and manufacture the best horseshoe pitching equipment for all players in the sport… Over the years, we’ve developed dozens of horseshoe designs, and our current line-up of twelve models of four horseshoes in each of the three major types- Traditional, Flip-Style, and Universal, are truly the best of the best. Recreational players, competitive players- virtually all horseshoe players of all skill levels- love Thoroughbreds. You’ll see them pitched at picnics, campgrounds, military bases, bar and club leagues, and all types of tournaments and competitions throughout the world. Even though each Thoroughbred Horseshoe has a unique design, purpose, and performance, they all share these common features:

  • Made in the USA
  • NHPA Sanctioned
  • Resists Burring
  • Durable Iron Alloy
  • Official Size & Weight
  • Retains its shape
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Perfectly matched Pairs
  • Non-flaking Matte Finish
thoroughbred horseshoes made in the USA


Traditional Horseshoes are flat on one side and have three cleats on the other. They're primarily gripped on the side blade and pitched for a "turn" where upon release, the shoe rotates flat like a frisbee, but very slowly as it flies through the air. Traditional shoes are also occasionally gripped in the middle and pitched for a flip, but are primarily used by turn pitchers. The side blades of different models often vary in width and thickness, depending on what gripping technique a player prefers.

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Flip-Style Horseshoes are commonly gripped in the middle and feature a reversed center cleat or "thumb cleat." Upon release, flip-style shoes tumble through the air end over end, landing with the front cleats down for maximum stopping power. Main differences between flip-style shoes are the shape of the thumb cleat and the amount of weight on the tips. Most flip pitchers like heavily weighted tips and a medium height, smooth contoured thumb cleat. Many prefer a thumb centering cut out in the cleat.

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Universal Horseshoes were invented by us at Thoroughbred and feature heavy weighted, double-sided cleats on the tips… a unique innovation so that no matter how you grip the shoe, it always lands with front cleats down! Consequently, they work great for any turn or flip and share very well between players with different pitching techniques, making them great for serious backyard leaguers, and other doubles competitions. New players look like pros, as these shoes turn or flip effortlessly. Combining features of the top traditional and flip-style horseshoes into one type, universals are truly the best of both worlds. If you're unsure, start with one of these!

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