Challenger Horseshoes- Universal Style



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  • Unique Iron Alloy
    • Resists Burring
    • Dead Soft Rating
  • NHPA Sanctioned
    • Official Size & Weight
  • HP PRO Tour Approved
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Buying Direct from the Manufacturer

This shoe features a square shape instead of a curve, allowing for a wider gripping area for flip pitchers than a traditionally shaped shoe. With a generic U-shaped shoe, the turn pitcher has an advantage over a flip pitcher in that they have more room along the blade of the shoe to adjust their grip. As you can see by its shape, when pitching with the CHALLENGERS, no one has that gripping advantage. Challenger was designed in 1998 to compete directly with the Gordon Horseshoe when it was made in the US by Queen City Forge in Cincinnati, OH. Manufacturing rights of the Gordon shoe were sold by Queen City a few years ago and it has since been revived by Omega Horseshoe Company in Utah, who has shipped the manufacturing overseas to a forge in China. The body of the Challenger shoe is nearly the same as that of the Gordon, but it has improved hooks and sharper points so that it holds the stake better and measures better than the Gordon shoe. It feels just about the same, but should throw even better because the tips are even heavier than what was on the Gordon. You really can’t go wrong with the US made Challenger! This is the perfect professional styled shoe for clubs to purchase in quantity for use in league play. It has the universal qualities of our Mustang due to the unique double sided heel cleats– You can throw any turn or flip equally well. It is priced to be sold in quantity and is designed to be pitched effectively by amateur or pro pitchers. It has excellent balance and is easy for just about anyone to pick up and throw with little or no previous skill. The edges of each shoe are smooth and nicely rounded, allowing the shoe to “pull” out of your hand with ease. This also helps reduce fatigue and blistering, which is common when using sharper edged shoes. Great for team play when one player throws a flip & the other throws a turn. Some of this might be a bit redundant, but it’s all worth saying again…This shoe is manufactured from the highest quality, most durable alloy on the market and carries our famous two-year no hassle factory warranty… If they break under warranty, like all the shoes we make, you’ll have a new pair immediately… we take care of business. Just ask anyone… we take care of all our customers, before and after the sale. These horseshoes are designed to hold up for commercial and professional use. We ship them daily to clubs and institutions as well as to individuals who all pitch them regularly for extended sessions, which often amount to hours upon hours of continuous daily use. If being purchased for occasional use (a few times a summer in the backyard), they could easily last a lifetime!