All-In-One Precision Horseshoe Measuring Tool


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Sometimes close does count in this game! End all of your scoring disputes with an official measuring device! This is the most popular style of measuring tool in use in the sport today. It can measure for all possible scoring combinations. The straightedge measures for ringers. The notch hooks around the stake so that the tip of it is 6″ from the stake– Any shoe that the tool can touch when it is notched around the stake, is within the single point scoring range. The calipers can then be used to determine which shoe is the closest and thus, the point winner. It even has a round file attached for filing off rough burrs on the shoe. It is one of the most useful tools ever developed for the game. Every club or league should have a handful of these tools on hand during tournament or league play to measure points that are too close to see by eye. Actually, it makes a great gift for anyone who plays often… every serious player should have one of these. The calipers and file are on a hinge and collapse tightly together, folding into the main body of the tool much like a pocket knife does, making it very easy to carry around with you while playing the game. The overall length of the tool is 7-1/2 inches and collapsed, it is only 3/4 of an inch wide.

Every bit of this tool is made from sturdy, heavy gauge stainless steel except, of course, for the file. And… check out that file! This is the first tool of this type to feature a round file… all other versions have a flat file, which is really the wrong kind of file for horseshoes! Here’s a little lesson from Horseshoes 101 for you to chew on: Using a flat file on the inside curve of the shoe can cause micro-fractures that will eventually develop into a crack where the shoe will break. So, exclusively using a round file like the one on this tool (the correct file type for filing horseshoes) will greatly extend the life of your horseshoes. You can’t go wrong buying this tool… It might cost a couple bucks more than the other ones out there, but it could also add years to the life of your horseshoes… definitely worth an extra buck or two, right? Plus, being virtually all stainless steel, it should last for many, many years.