Steel Horseshoe Stakes (One Pair)- Official Size


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First, these stakes are sold in pairs, so when entering a quantity of one in the cart, you are getting one pair (two stakes total). Our horseshoe stakes are 1-inch in diameter by 30 inches in length and are Made in the USA! One inch is the official stake diameter for NHPA Sanctioned Tournament Play, which is a bigger diameter than most backyard sets that provide only the cheaper and shorter, 3/4 inch diameter by 24 inch long stakes. The extra length really helps them hold tight in solid ground. Included are four red removable safety end caps to keep and use for safe handling and transport. The safety caps are made of thick, flexible vinyl that quickly and easily slide on and off the ends of each stake. These stakes are made from precision cold rolled 1018 steel. They are blunt at both ends, making them ideal for permanent mounting in either a short section of railroad tie or in concrete. We deburr the ends for easy and safe handling. They can also be pounded directly into solid ground with ease for a temporary setup and will hold in place even longer than pointed stakes. When purchasing these or any of our products that include these stakes, you’ll receive a complimentary Horseshoe Handbook that outlines the basic installation methods… some very handy information! Remember, horseshoe stakes are not installed straight up and down. They angle towards each other on a 12 degree lean. If you have any questions about this, call us directly at 814-835-6881 for help. Helpful hint… When in temporary use, it helps to paint just the top half of the stake white or a bright color (spray paint works fine). Then, when you’re tapping the stake into the ground, just tap it down to the paint line and stop… no measuring required now, as that takes it down to the exact specified 15 inch height for sanctioned play!