An Intro to Pitching Horseshoes

Have you decided to take your horseshoe game to the next level? Well you’re in luck! Every horseshoe we make comes off the production line fully loaded with ringers and all you have to do is figure out how to release them. Easier said than done, right?

Practice is the key, but the very first thing you need to pitch ringers is a quality set of horseshoes. There’s no way you can develop a consistent turn or flip using a picnic style horseshoe- they’re just not designed for it. If you’re here, it’s probably because you’ve had some of these same thoughts. Maybe you've experienced some frustrations with inferior horseshoes? Well, you've found the right place online that can help you fix all of that.

Developing a consistent turn or flip is one of the fundamentals you need to master in order to make ringers and it can only be done with quality, balanced horseshoes designed specifically for the way you pitch. Lucky for you, that's exactly what we make here at White Distributors (WD)... So, it’s time to upgrade!

If you were to ask any of our champions for a little advice for a beginner, they’d all say about the same thing: Step 1- get decent horseshoes that fit your style. Steps 2-4: practice, practice, practice! A good shoe, one that’s right for you, makes a huge difference at any pitching level, but especially for beginners.

Horseshoes is a four-dimensional game. Height, distance, accuracy, and an open shoe make up the four essential elements of pitching ringers. Our horseshoes make it easier for you to master and repeat these key elements and that's what you need... Backyard King or World Champion, whatever your goal is, it doesn't matter... the elements are the same and we can help you get there... no doubt!

We've developed a line of a dozen or so unique horseshoes that encompasses the most common grips and pitching styles, for any turn or flip... We've got you covered for virtually any style of pitching. Let our years of experience help you find the next level of your game!

Here's some Exciting News!

We are right now in the process of developing the most complete instructional program ever created for the sport of horseshoe pitching... It's going to be released in stages and we will announce our progress right here, so bookmark this spot and check back often for future announcements!